Board of Management

The Board of Management is responsible for the overall running of the school on behalf of the Patron. The Board devolves responsbility for the day-to-day management to the Principal. The Board of Management is appointed for a period of four years and during that period it ensures that each child is provided with an appropriate education. With the exception of the Principal teacher all members of the Board of Management are volunteers who are nominated by various stakeholding groups within the school community. The Patron has two nominees, the Parents have two nominees (one male and one female), the local community has two nominees and the Principal and one other teacher are nominated by the school staff.

At Our Lady’s BNS we are blessed with an active and invaluable Board of Management. The board meets every four to six weeks to discuss issues ranging from maintenance to child protection. The school would not be the same without the high level of dedication shown by these volunteers. The Board of Management members are:

  • Chairperson – Irene Lawlor
  • Parish nominee – Liam McCarthy
  • Acting Principal – Colette Howlett
  • Teacher nominee – Emma Lane
  • Mother’s nominee – Sinéad Burke
  • Father’s nominee – Denis O’Connell
  • Community nominee – Liam Muldowney
  • Community nominee – Ian Delany